Zyla Xirro

Imagined AI depiction of Zyla Xirro from "For Lack of a Bed" by John Wiswell, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Activist in the narrative.
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Zyla Xirro is a key member of the movement against the corporations controlling sleep in ‘For Lack of a Bed’. As an outspoken advocate for basic human rights, Zyla plays a pivotal role in organizing protests and spreading awareness about the plight of the sleep-deprived laborers. She is fierce, eloquent, and unwavering in her determination to bring about change in the society.


[“We cannot stay silent while our right to rest is stolen from us.”,”The power of unity is our weapon against the tyranny of sleep deprivation.”,”Let our voices shake the foundations of oppression, until every person can sleep without fear of debt.”]


Zyla has striking silver hair that cascades down her back, piercing green eyes that reflect her unwavering determination, and a commanding presence that demands attention.




Charismatic leadership, persuasive oratory, organization skills








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