Welga Ramirez

Imagined AI depiction of Welga Ramirez from "Machinehood" by S.B. Divya, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Bodyguard in the narrative.
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Welga Ramirez is a skilled bodyguard suffering from PTSD in the year 2095. She is caught in the middle of a global uprising where people are unable to compete with AIs and robots in the marketplace. Welga must navigate through the chaos and fight against the Machinehood, a group with a hidden agenda, to protect her charge and restore balance. Despite dealing with PTSD, Welga is a courageous and determined character who goes to great lengths to fulfill her duty as a bodyguard.


[“\”I may be broken, but I’m useful.\””,”\”I’m going to protect my charge, no matter the cost.\””,”\”In this new world, I have to be better, stronger, and smarter than the machines.\””]


Welga has a medium build with olive skin, sleek black hair, and piercing green eyes. She stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and possesses a scar on her left cheek from a past encounter.




Combat proficiency, strategic thinking, physical resilience








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