Imagined AI depiction of Wahram from "2312" by Kim Stanley Robinson, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Diplomat in the narrative.
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Wahram is a diplomat from Saturn’s moon Titan. He is a calm and diplomatic figure, often providing rational perspectives in the midst of chaos. Wahram’s loyalty and dedication to solving the solar system’s crisis make him a valuable ally to Swan. He carries the cultural and historical depth of his origins, embodying the endurance of humanity’s diverse heritage in the face of the future’s challenges.


[“The universe is big, but we can visit everywhere, and therefore it is small.”,”A problem is solved not by where you are, but by where you let your mind go.”,”Hope is cruel, hope is hard: almost as hard as trust, love, and power.”]


Wahram has a tall and solid build, a physical characteristic common among the inhabitants of Titan. His skin has a gentle blue hue, a result of the adaptation to the cold and methane-rich environment of his moon. His eyes carry a deep and thoughtful gaze,




Calm and rational demeanor, cultural knowledge, adaptability to extreme environments




Human (Modified for Titan’s environment)




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