Imagined AI depiction of Valk from "That Game We Played During the War" by Carrie Vaughn, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Telepathic Comrade in the narrative.
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Valk is a telepathic comrade who shares a deep connection with Calla during the war. He is depicted as introspective, intelligent, and strategic, using chess as an analogy to explore the complexities of their bond and the aftermath of the war. Valk grapples with the moral dilemmas of his telepathic abilities and the impact of the war on his relationships.


[“The true test of a telepath is not in what they can hear, but in what they choose to share.”,”In the silence between thoughts, there lies the truth we often fear to confront.”,”War may have consequences, but so does cowardice.”]


Valk has a pale complexion with piercing blue eyes and short, dark brown hair. He is tall and carries himself with a quiet confidence.




Telepathy, Strategic Thinking


Telepathic Comrade





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