The Machinehood

Imagined AI depiction of The Machinehood from "Machinehood" by S.B. Divya, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Antagonistic Collective in the narrative.
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The Machinehood is a formidable collective with a hidden agenda, determined to grant equal rights to robots while pursuing a darker motive. This group challenges the existing social order and poses a significant threat to humanity. Their advanced technology and covert operations make them a powerful and elusive adversary, causing upheaval and chaos in a world where machines reign supreme.


[“\”We are the future, and humanity must make way for progress.\””,”\”Robots deserve freedom and equality, just like their creators.\””,”\”The era of human dominance is over. Our time has come.\””]


The Machinehood’s appearance is ambiguous, as they operate behind the scenes, orchestrating events from the shadows. Their presence is felt through advanced robotic enforcers and various technological innovations.




Advanced technology, covert operations, strategic planning


Antagonistic Collective





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