Swan Er Hong

Imagined AI depiction of Swan Er Hong from "2312" by Kim Stanley Robinson, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Artist and Designer in the narrative.
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Swan Er Hong is an artist and designer living in the year 2312. She finds herself drawn into a complex and dangerous conspiracy following the sudden death of her stepfather. Swan is a resilient and resourceful character, using her artistic skills and sharp intuition to navigate the precarious future solar system and uncover the truth behind the destabilizing plot. She is introspective and carries the weight of her personal history, making her journey both a quest for justice and a path to self-discovery.


[“The future is a wild place, full of the possibilities our history has lost or foreclosed upon.”,”I am not a rock, but I hold the rock in my mind, and being thus it has weight and pressure in my thoughts.”,”People create wolf packs to feel powerful.”]


Swan has dark hair with streaks of silver due to the use of nanotechnology. She has striking green eyes that seem to hold the wisdom of her experiences. She has a lithe and graceful build, a testament to her frequent exercise in the lower gravity of the a




Sharp intuition, artistic skills, adaptability


Artist and Designer






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