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Rocky is an enigmatic and endearing character from Andy Weir’s “Project Hail Mary,” an alien creature from the species Eridian with a star-shaped body and multiple limbs. Rocky’s abilities are as unique as its appearance, possessing advanced scientific knowledge and the remarkable capability to survive in the vacuum of space. Communicating through vibrations, Rocky forms an unlikely friendship with Ryland Grace, the human protagonist, transcending the barriers of language and species.

As an ally and friend to Grace, Rocky’s character brings a sense of camaraderie and interstellar kinship to the narrative. Its genderless nature and otherworldly wisdom challenge the human-centric view of intelligence and cooperation, offering a fresh perspective on the potential for unity across the cosmos. Rocky’s simple yet profound quote, “Good, good. You, friend,” encapsulates the essence of its character—a being that values connection and understanding above all.

In the vast expanse of space, Rocky stands as a testament to the diversity of life and the power of alliance in the face of adversity. Its archetype as an ally highlights the importance of collaboration in achieving a common goal, and its presence in the story adds depth and warmth to the scientific odyssey of “Project Hail Mary.”


Good, good. You, friend


Alien creature with multiple limbs and star-shaped body




Advanced scientific knowledge, ability to survive in space, ability to communicate through vibrations


Ally, Friend





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