Raseed bas Raseed

Imagined AI depiction of Raseed bas Raseed from "Throne of the Crescent Moon" by Saladin Ahmed, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Holy Warrior in the narrative.
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Raseed bas Raseed is a holy warrior who joins Doctor Adoulla in his quest to confront a plot to overthrow the Khalif of Dhamsawaat. He is a devout and disciplined young man, highly skilled in combat and martial arts. Raseed’s unwavering faith and commitment to his cause often clash with Doctor Adoulla’s more pragmatic and worldly approach, leading to tension and conflict within the group.


[“\”May the moons guide my blade.\””,”\”I will not break my vows.\””,”\”My faith is my strength.\””]


Raseed bas Raseed is a young, handsome man with a lean and athletic build. He always carries a distinctive slender sword given to him by his order, and he wears traditional warrior garb as a sign of his devotion.




Proficient in martial arts, dedicated holy warrior


Holy Warrior




Young adult


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