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Ouyang is a character of complex layers and formidable presence in ‘She Who Became the Sun.’ As a eunuch, he defies the traditional expectations of his role, wielding power with a sharp mind and a strategic prowess that rivals the greatest military leaders. His appearance is marked by a distinctive scar—a testament to his resilience and the battles he has faced. Ouyang’s combat skills are as lethal as his tactical acumen, making him a fearsome antagonist in the unfolding drama of the Ming Dynasty’s rise. His quote, ‘You think because I am a eunuch, I am less than a man?’ speaks volumes of his defiance against societal norms and his unyielding spirit. Ouyang’s journey is not just one of war and strategy, but also an exploration of identity and power in a world that seeks to define him by his physical condition. His character challenges perceptions, inviting readers to look beyond appearances and titles to the true measure of a person’s strength and worth.


“You think because I am a eunuch, I am less than a man?”


As a eunuch, he is beardless. He has a distinctive scar on his face.




Military Strategist, Skilled in combat







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