Imagined AI depiction of Nijiri from "The Killing Moon" by N.K. Jemisin, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Gatherer Apprentice in the narrative.
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Nijiri is Ehiru’s dedicated apprentice and a fellow gatherer in Gujaareh. He is loyal and steadfast, supporting Ehiru in his duties and struggles. Nijiri possesses a fierce determination and an unwavering commitment to his mentor and their shared cause. As Ehiru becomes embroiled in a powerful conspiracy, Nijiri’s loyalty and courage are put to the test, and he must confront the complexities of their mission.


[“\”I will follow you, Master, even to the dream of the Unmasking.\””,”\”The city holds its breath and we stand at its heart.\””,”\”You taught me everything I know, Master. How to heal and how to soothe.\””]


Nijiri has short, cropped hair, piercing blue eyes, and a determined expression. He carries himself with a sense of duty and purpose, often adorned in the traditional attire of a Gatherer apprentice.




Dream reading, Healing, Soothing


Gatherer Apprentice





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