Nicodemus Archleone

Imagined AI depiction of Nicodemus Archleone from "Skin Game" by Gene Wolfe, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Dark Wizard in the narrative.
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Nicodemus Archleone is a formidable and enigmatic villain in The Dresden Files series. As the leader of the Order of the Blackened Denarius, he possesses immense knowledge of dark magic and has a cunning, manipulative nature. Nicodemus is ruthless in his pursuit of power and is willing to commit heinous acts to achieve his goals.


[“God has such a delightful sense of humor, doesn’t he?”,”Children, behold the Underworld. Behold God Almighty—He is dead, and soon all that live shall join Him.”,”Desire is the root of all suffering.”]


Nicodemus is tall and imposing, with a commanding presence. He has dark hair and an intense gaze that reflects his intelligence and dangerous nature.




Immortality, dark magic, manipulation, combat prowess


Dark Wizard


Human (host to fallen angel)




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