Marko Kloos

Imagined AI depiction of Marko Kloos from "Seveneves: A Novel" by Neal Stephenson, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Military man in the narrative.
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Marko Kloos is a pivotal character in Neal Stephenson’s gripping tale of survival and human ingenuity, “Seveneves: A Novel.” As humanity faces the catastrophic aftermath of the moon’s destruction and the ensuing hard rain of lunar fragments, Marko emerges as a beacon of strategic prowess and leadership. His military background and combat training are instrumental in the orchestration of the ambitious survival project that propels the remnants of humanity into the vastness of space. With short brown hair, an average build, and tanned skin that speaks of his many hours under the sun, Marko’s green eyes reflect a mind constantly at work, analyzing and planning. His archetype as a military man is not just a title but a testament to his ability to lead and inspire those around him. In a time when the very fabric of society is unraveling, his strategic planning and execution become the linchpin in the efforts to preserve the human race. Marko’s story is one of resilience and adaptability. As the human race embarks on their desperate endeavor to escape Earth, he stands at the forefront, navigating the challenges of a brave new cosmos. His famous words, “Fight like your life depends on it. Because it does,” echo the relentless spirit that defines his character and the collective struggle of those who seek to forge a future among the stars.


Fight like your life depends on it. Because it does.


Short brown hair, average height, tanned skin, green eyes.




Strategical planning and execution, combat training, leadership.


Military man





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