Maia Duvall

Imagined AI depiction of Maia Duvall from "The Goblin Emperor" by Katherine Addison, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Emperor in the narrative.
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Maia Duvall is the protagonist of the novel ‘The Goblin Emperor.’ He is a young half-goblin who unexpectedly becomes the Emperor after his family’s demise in an airship crash. Maia must navigate intense court politics, assassination attempts, potential uprisings, and his own insecurities. He strives to rule wisely and justly, standing up against racism and classism in the court. Struggling to balance his goblin heritage with the demands of a predominantly elven society, Maia must find a way to unite his empire and ensure its survival.


[“\”I am the Emperor, and the Emperor must not be afraid.\””,”\”Sometimes the only way forward is through the thorns.\””,”\”I will not let anyone make me compromise my honest opinion.\””]


Maia has a mix of goblin and elven physical characteristics, including slightly pointed ears, coppery skin, and dark, curly hair.




Diplomacy, Leadership, Insight




Half-Goblin, Half-Elf




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