Lan Tran

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Lan Tran, a beacon of resilience and hope, is a character who embodies the transformative power of self-discovery and acceptance. At the tender age of 17, Lan has navigated a world that often seems unyielding to her true self—a young, transgender woman of Vietnamese heritage. With her lustrous black hair framing a face of determination, and dark eyes that reflect a well of inner strength, Lan’s appearance is but a glimpse into her multifaceted identity. In the bustling streets of Southern California, Lan’s journey is one of courage and tenacity. She grapples with the complexities of her identity, seeking a life where honesty and authenticity are not just aspirations but realities she can grasp with both hands. Her story is a poignant reminder of the struggles faced by transgender youth, yet it is also a testament to the unyielding spirit that propels her forward. Lan’s narrative is intricately woven into the fabric of “Light From Uncommon Stars,” where the fantastical and the mundane converge in a symphony of otherworldly encounters and human experiences. Her skills extend beyond the ordinary, for she possesses an uncanny ability to craft donuts that are nothing short of celestial—a talent that hints at her own extraordinary origins and the interstellar secrets she harbors. As a protagonist, Lan Tran stands as a symbol of hope and transformation, her life a melody that resonates with the themes of acceptance and the search for one’s place in the cosmos. Her character arc is a dance between the stars and the earth, a harmonious blend of the alien and the familiar, the extraordinary and the everyday. In “Light From Uncommon Stars,” Lan’s story is a beacon that guides readers through the darkness, illuminating the path to understanding and empathy. Her quote, “I just want a life where I can be who I am. And be honest about it,” echoes the universal longing for a world where one can live freely and truly, unencumbered by the shadows of judgment and fear. Through Lan Tran, the novel invites us to envision a future where diversity is celebrated, identities are honored, and the light from uncommon stars shines upon us all, guiding us toward a more inclusive and compassionate universe. This description aims to capture the essence of Lan Tran’s character and her role within the narrative of “Light From Uncommon Stars,” while also resonating with the book’s broader themes of identity, acceptance, and the intersection of the extraordinary with the everyday.


I just want a life where I can be who I am. And be honest about it.


Young, transgender woman of Vietnamese heritage with black hair and dark eyes.




Skilled at making the perfect donut








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