January Scaller

Imagined AI depiction of January Scaller from "The Ten Thousand Doors of January" by Alix E. Harrow, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Adventurer in the narrative.
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January Scaller is a young woman living in early 1900’s America who discovers a mysterious book that leads her to uncover the existence of secret doors to other worlds. As she delves deeper into the narrative and explores different places, she discovers her true identity and becomes intertwined with the mystical content of the book. January is determined, curious, and brave, with an insatiable thirst for adventure and knowledge. She possesses a strong sense of empathy and a yearning for deeper connections, which drives her to seek out the truth and explore the magical worlds beyond the doors.


[““I wanted you to have the same delicious feeling of disbelief that I had from the first time I opened a pack of perfectly ordinary cards and they shuffled themselves – all by themselves.””,”“It is at the corners of the world that we seek the sensation of the extraordinary. It is always only the thrill of those corners that the ordinary momentarily disappears.”,”“If your life is a short one, you must live it in full. It doesn’t matter what others think, only what you’re doing. You have do what is best for you, and if in the process you hurt anyone, then too bad for them.””]


January has fair skin, long dark hair, and expressive brown eyes. She is of average height with a slender build and often wears practical clothing suitable for her adventurous explorations.




Curiosity, bravery, strong empathy








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