Jane Eliot

Imagined AI depiction of Jane Eliot from "Ironskin" by Nicola Griffith, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Governess in the narrative.
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Jane Eliot is a deeply scarred and emotionally traumatized woman who takes a position as a governess at a mysterious and isolated manor. She wears a strange iron mask to cover her scars, and struggles with inner turmoil from her past experiences in the war between humans and fey. Throughout the story, Jane shows resilience, bravery, and a deep compassion for the peculiar child under her care, as well as a determination to unravel the dark magic and ancient curses surrounding the manor.


[“Sometimes the masks we wear are more than just for show.”,”Strength is not always loud. It can be found in the quietest of places.”,”I may be scarred, but I am not broken.”]


Jane has dark hair, piercing green eyes, and stands at an average height. She wears an iron mask to cover her physical scars, giving her a mysterious and somewhat intimidating appearance.




Resilience, compassion, bravery








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