General Kel Khiruev

Imagined AI depiction of General Kel Khiruev from "That Game We Played During the War" by Carrie Vaughn, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Military Leader in the narrative.
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The General is a key figure in the war between the telepathic and non-telepathic nations. Their leadership and decisions have lasting consequences, shaping the dynamics between the two nations. The General embodies authority, strategic acumen, and the burden of command, navigating the delicate balance of power in the aftermath of the conflict.


[“War is not about who is right, but about what is left.”,”Leadership is as much about sacrifice as it is about strength.”,”In the end, the true measure of a general is not in victory, but in the peace they forge.”]


The General has a commanding presence with a weathered complexion, steel-grey eyes, and cropped salt-and-pepper hair. They exude authority and confidence in their demeanor.




Tactical Leadership, Strategic Decision-making


Military Leader






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