Imagined AI depiction of Bianca from "The City in the Middle of the Night" by Charlie Jane Anders, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Pragmatic Survivor in the narrative.
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Bianca is a fiercely independent and pragmatic individual who embraces resilience and survival in the face of extreme environmental conditions. Quick-witted and resourceful, Bianca becomes a crucial part of Sophie’s circle of friends, contributing a valuable perspective to their endeavors.


[“We may have been born into this extreme world, but we don’t have to be defined by it.”,”Survival demands creativity and adaptability, and I intend to thrive, not just survive.”,”Sometimes, the harshest environments forge the strongest people. We are a testament to that.”]


Bianca has olive-toned skin, dark curly hair, and piercing green eyes that reflect her sharp intellect. She has a compact and athletic build, exuding confidence and tenacity.




Resourcefulness, quick thinking, and physical agility


Pragmatic Survivor






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