The Corrupt Official

Imagined AI depiction of The Corrupt Official from "Farthing" by Jo Walton, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Antagonist in the narrative.
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The Corrupt Official in the novel ‘Farthing’ by Jo Walton is a manipulative and power-hungry figure who represents the dark underbelly of the political landscape. With a facade of respectability, this character is willing to participate in deceit and injustice to maintain control and influence. The Corrupt Official’s actions and motives serve as a catalyst for the unfolding events and moral dilemmas within the story.


[“Sometimes morality is a luxury.”,”Power is its own justification.”,”The truth is what people will believe. It’s all a matter of confidence.”]


The Corrupt Official has a stern countenance, with sharp features and steely gray eyes. He exudes an air of authority and elegance.




Political manipulation, charisma







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