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Tabini-aiji is the atevi ruler and a key figure in the novel *Foreigner* by C. J. Cherryh. As the powerful and enigmatic leader of the atevi, Tabini-aiji holds significant influence in the delicate alliance between humans and atevi. He is a shrewd and strategic thinker who navigates the complex web of atevi politics with skill and foresight, often utilizing subtle manipulation to maintain control and stability in his society.


[““We are differing species. You’re human, I’m atevi. We think differently. There is a great split in our mindsets. That’s just what we are.””,”“It’s an alien thing, Bren. Politics. Atevi politics. Hard to explain it.””,”“Complex to humans. Simple to us.””]


Tabini-aiji has a strong and regal presence, exuding authority in his every movement. He has distinctive black and gold coloration, which is notable in his clothing and personal adornments.




Masterful politician and strategist


Ruler, Politician





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