Stella Nova

Imagined AI depiction of Stella Nova from "Remake" by Connie Willis, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of {'value': 'Mentor/Outsider', 'rendered': 'Mentor/Outsider'} in the narrative.
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Nova is a mysterious and enigmatic individual who operates on the fringes of society, offering alternative perspectives to those disillusioned by the pressure to undergo remaking. With a background shrouded in secrecy, Nova possesses a deep understanding of the true history and motivations behind the institution of remaking. Her calm and enigmatic demeanor belies a keen intellect and unwavering resolve.


[“The facade of perfection through remaking is a hollow illusion that only serves to oppress individuality.”,”There are those who seek to control through appearance, and then there are those who embrace their authentic selves.”,”Do not be bound by the expectations of others; embrace your uniqueness without the need for remaking.”]


Nova has flowing silver-white hair that contrasts with her deep violet eyes. She has an ethereal and otherworldly presence, with a graceful posture and an enigmatic smile.




Knowledge of history, alternative viewpoints, enigmatic influence








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