Serr Vigal

Imagined AI depiction of Serr Vigal from "Neptune’s Brood" by Charles Stross, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Antagonist in the narrative.
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Serr Vigal is a cunning and elusive antagonist in ‘Neptune’s Brood.’ He is a skilled manipulator and master of deceit, using his charm and guile to achieve his selfish ambitions. Serr’s involvement in the complex web of financial and political intrigue presents a constant threat to the protagonists and their endeavors.


[“Power is not given, it is taken.”,”In the galaxy of opportunity, one must be willing to seize what they desire.”,”Trust is a luxury I cannot afford.”]


Serr has slicked-back silver hair, calculating gray eyes, and a tall, imposing stature with a commanding presence.




Master manipulator, skilled in deception and subterfuge, adept at exploiting others’ weaknesses for personal gain.








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