Scott Warden

Imagined AI depiction of Scott Warden from "The Chronoliths" by Robert Charles Wilson, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Protagonist in the narrative.
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Scott Warden is the protagonist of the novel ‘The Chronoliths.’ He is an ordinary man whose life is disrupted by the appearance of large crystal monoliths that seem to be sent from the future by a future warlord. Scott becomes involved in a group studying the phenomenon, and as the story progresses, he displays courage, determination, and a willingness to delve into the unknown. He is motivated by the desire to understand the nature and purpose of the enigmatic chronoliths, ultimately leading to the uncovering of the true intention behind them and the identity of the future warlord.


[“Every choice I make is something that happens in a would-be future.”,”The future is a place we go from the present, not a place we tread from our past.”,”We’ll make mistakes. We’ll always wish we could predict the future perfectly. But we can always shape the future with our present choices.”]


Scott is described as having an average build with unkempt brown hair and blue eyes.




Courage, Determination








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