Rose Devlin

Imagined AI depiction of Rose Devlin from "From the Files of the Time Rangers" by Richard Bowes, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Time Ranger Agent in the narrative.
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Agent Rose Devlin is a dedicated and resourceful member of the Time Rangers. She possesses a sharp intellect, strong intuition, and exceptional combat skills. Devlin is fiercely loyal to the preservation of the true course of history, often placing the mission above personal considerations. As she navigates through different historical periods and future timelines, she faces moral dilemmas and personal sacrifices that test her resolve and determination. Devlin’s unwavering commitment and courage make her a pivotal figure in the battle to maintain the integrity of the time-stream.


[“\”The course of history must be preserved at all costs.\””,”\”Every alteration has consequences, and it’s our duty to prevent them.\””,”\”I will do whatever it takes to ensure that the timeline remains intact.\””]


Tall, with short brown hair and piercing green eyes. She bears the scars of past missions, a testament to her countless battles against those who seek to disrupt the timeline.




Exceptional combat skills, sharp intellect, strong intuition


Time Ranger Agent






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