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Rhodry is a young prince in the turbulent land of Deverry. He is determined and noble, striving to reclaim his heritage and protect his kingdom from the dark forces threatening it. Rhodry is a skilled swordsman and a natural leader, but also struggles with the weight of his responsibilities and the complexities of alliances and betrayals in the world around him.


[“I will not let darkness consume our land. We will reclaim our heritage and restore honor to our kingdom.”,”The path of duty is often a lonely one, but I will not waver from it.”,”In the end, our destinies are intertwined, and I will fight for the light to prevail.”]


Rhodry has fair skin and golden hair, typical of his royal lineage. He is tall and lean, with piercing blue eyes that reflect his determination and resolve. He bears the mark of a royal family crest on his right shoulder.




Skilled swordsman, natural leader






Young adult


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