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Nyx is a complex and morally ambiguous character, a former government assassin with a troubled past. As a skilled and hardened mercenary, she is fearless, resourceful, and highly adept at surviving in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the planet Umayma. Nyx is driven by a desire for redemption and a relentless determination to escape her past, even as she becomes entangled in a dangerous mission to find a mysterious alien relic. Her experiences have made her pragmatic and ruthless, yet underneath her tough exterior, she struggles with internal conflicts and ethical dilemmas. Despite her flaws, Nyx possesses a fierce loyalty to her team and a deeply ingrained sense of justice.


[“The world doesn’t care what we deserve.”,”We all make choices. The hard part is living with them.”,”There are no good choices. Nothing absolutely right.”]


Nyx has short, dark hair and piercing gray eyes. She is of average height with a lean and toned build. Her skin bears the scars of numerous battles, and she often carries herself with a confident and imposing demeanor.




Expert assassin, exceptional combat skills, survival instincts








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