Nevil Clavain

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Nevil Clavain is a former soldier who becomes a key character in Redemption Ark. He is a determined and resourceful individual, known for his bravery and strategic thinking. Clavain has a strong sense of duty and loyalty, often putting himself at risk to protect others. As the story unfolds, his experiences and decisions shape the outcome of the plot, making him an integral part of the narrative.


[“I intend to go back for them. I’m not leaving them to die.”,”We were trained for this. Don’t let fear cloud your judgment.”,”Sometimes, sacrifice is necessary for the greater good.”]


Nevil Clavain has a rugged appearance, with a weathered face and piercing blue eyes. He stands tall with a strong, muscular build, and is often seen wearing a military uniform or tactical gear.




Tactical expertise, combat skills, leadership


Former Soldier






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