Morwenna Phelps

Imagined AI depiction of Morwenna Phelps from "Among Others" by Jo Walton, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Hero in the narrative.
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Morwenna Phelps, also known as Mori, is a young girl from the industrial valleys of Wales who possesses significant magical abilities. After a confrontation with her mentally unstable mother leaves her injured and her twin sister dead, she escapes to England to live with her father. Morwenna finds solace in science fiction books and must navigate her way through adolescence, love, and the constant temptation of using her supernatural powers. She is a resilient and introspective character who finds refuge in literature while dealing with the challenges of her magical heritage and the real world.


[“Sometimes the most incredible things about the world of people are the ordinary things.”,”I was reading like a crazy person, curious, going deeper and deeper; books made Rob different, things doing that to people, making them change, bringing them closer to who they were supposed to be.”,”That truly we were the sum of the parts, the total of the ripples created by the actions we undertook, and that she was either worth nothing or worth as much as anyone.”]


Morwenna has long dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and is of average height for her age.




Magical abilities








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