Malevolent Sorcerer

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The malevolent sorcerer is a powerful and nefarious figure who emerges to threaten the kingdom of Arantha. He is shrouded in mystery and darkness, wielding potent magical abilities that he employs to sow chaos and destruction. His malevolence and cunning make him a formidable adversary, capable of manipulating both the physical and metaphysical realms to achieve his sinister goals.


[“\”In darkness and despair, true power is found.\””,”\”Fear is a potent weapon, and I wield it with mastery.\””,”\”The feeble attempts of mortals to thwart me amuse me, for their fate is already sealed.\””]


Cloaked in tattered robes, with eyes that gleam with an unsettling and otherworldly light. His hands bear ancient markings that pulsate with dark energy.




Masterful sorcery, manipulation of dark forces, ability to summon malevolent entities




Unknown (Possibly Human)



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