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Madeline is a skilled and valiant swordswoman, known for her unwavering loyalty and fierce determination. Having faced personal tragedy, she is drawn into Nicholas Valiarde’s quest for vengeance. Her loyalty and bravery make her a crucial ally in the dangerous and treacherous world of the necromancer. Madeline’s resilience and sense of justice are evident as she fearlessly confronts the perils alongside Nicholas, utilizing her remarkable combat skills to aid their cause.


[“I will fight by your side, no matter the cost.”,”Even in the darkest of times, hope is not lost.”,”For justice and the memory of those we have lost, I will stand against the darkness.”]


Madeline possesses a striking appearance with long, flowing auburn hair and determined hazel eyes. She stands tall with a graceful and agile stature, exuding an air of confidence and strength. Her armor, adorned with intricate engravings, mirrors her unwa




Exceptional swordsmanship, resilience


Loyal ally





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