Lupe dy Cazaril

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Lupe dy Cazaril is a wise and resilient man who has overcome great adversity in his life. Once a valued courtier, he suffered a period of captivity and hardship, which forged him into a steadfast and insightful individual. Upon meeting Ista, he becomes a steadfast companion and advisor, offering his wealth of experience and knowledge to support her on her journey. Lupe is known for his sharp intellect, unwavering loyalty, and ability to navigate complex political landscapes with finesse and discretion.


[“The scars we bear are but reminders of the battles we have won.”,”In the game of thrones, one must learn to play or risk being played.”,”True nobility is not in the bloodline, but in the strength of character and virtue.”]


Lupe has salt-and-pepper hair, steel-grey eyes, and an unassuming stature. His weathered face carries the marks of past trials, and a quiet strength emanates from his presence.




Keen strategic mind, diplomatic finesse, resilience in adversity








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