Kel Brezan

Imagined AI depiction of Kel Brezan from "Revenant Gun" by Yoon Ha Lee, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Loyal Soldier in the narrative.
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Brezan is a fierce and loyal soldier of the Kel, known for his bravery and unwavering dedication to his comrades. He is driven by a strong sense of honor and duty, always putting himself at the forefront of dangerous missions. Brezan also harbors deep respect for Cheris, his fellow soldier, and shows unwavering loyalty to her throughout the story.


[“For the Kel, honor is everything.”,”I will follow you to the ends of the universe, Cheris.”,”Courage is not the absence of fear, but the will to act despite it.”]


Brezan has a muscular build, short brown hair, and intense green eyes that reflect his determination. He wears the traditional armor of a Kel warrior, carrying himself with a stoic and resolute demeanor.




Combat prowess, unwavering loyalty


Loyal Soldier





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