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Kairos is an imposing and enigmatic crime lord who wields significant influence in The Last Hawk. With a network of loyal followers and a reputation for cruelty, Kairos is a formidable adversary. His motivations and past remain shrouded in mystery, adding to his aura of intimidation and menace as he becomes embroiled in the web of political intrigue and power struggles within the star system.


[“Fear is a potent tool, and I wield it with masterful precision.”,”In this galaxy, power is the only currency worth hoarding.”,”The weak are crushed by the strong, and I am the strongest.”]


Tall and imposing, with dark eyes that seem to hold an unsettling depth. His presence commands respect and instills fear in those who dare to oppose him. He exudes an air of calculated menace.




Masterful use of fear and intimidation, influential network


Crime lord






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