Julian Class

Imagined AI depiction of Julian Class from "Forever Peace" by Joe Haldeman, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of {'value': 'Soldier and Physicist', 'rendered': 'Soldier and Physicist'} in the narrative.
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Julian Class is a soldier and a physicist in the novel ‘Forever Peace’ by Joe Haldeman. He becomes deeply involved in a project that aims to end war using a revolutionary technology called ‘the wires’ and a process called ‘jolting’. As the story unfolds, Julian delves into the complexities of human nature and the consequences of warfare, leading to shocking revelations about the nature of war, humanity, and his own existence.


[“I think there’s something desperately, drastically wrong with the human race.”,”We have new kind of war now, using new kinds of weapons, and we don’t need intergalactic wars.”,”Peace isn’t that good for business after all.”]


Julian Class has a strong and determined appearance, with short dark hair and piercing eyes. He is of average height with an athletic build, bearing the physical fortitude of a trained soldier.




Proficient in military tactics, skilled in utilizing ‘the wires’, adept at scientific research


Soldier and Physicist






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