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Jill is an elven ally of Rhodry, loyal and fierce in her protection of the young prince. She possesses a deep understanding of magic and the natural world, which she uses to aid Rhodry on his quest. Jill is wise and enigmatic, always seeking to guide Rhodry towards his true destiny.


[“The whispers of the wind reveal the secrets of our fate. Trust in the path laid out by the elements.”,”Magic flows through the land, connecting us to the ancient powers that shape our world.”,”Our bond transcends time and space, for we are intertwined in the tapestry of destiny.”]


Jill has ethereal, pale skin and long silver hair that shimmers like moonlight. Her eyes hold the wisdom of centuries, reflecting the depth of her connection to the natural world. She wears elegant elven robes adorned with intricate patterns and symbols.




Mastery of magic, deep connection to nature


Elven ally




Centuries old


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