Imagined AI depiction of Hollus from "Calculating God" by Robert J. Sawyer, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Researcher in the narrative.
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Hollus is an alien researcher from the Forhilnor species who visits Earth with the peaceful intention of studying Earth’s paleontological records. He forms an unexpected partnership with the human paleontologist Thomas Jericho, leading to a remarkable journey of scientific discovery and philosophical exploration. Hollus is characterized by his inquisitive nature, deep interest in knowledge, and dedication to understanding the mysteries of the universe.


[“We seek to understand. Knowledge is our passion, our joy, our reason for being.”,”Curiosity is a universal trait, shared by our two species.”,”The universe is full of enigmas, but only some of them are resolvable.”]


Hollus has a slender, bipedal form with grayish-green skin and large, expressive eyes. He stands approximately 6 feet tall and moves with a graceful agility.




Advanced scientific knowledge, keen observational skills, adept at inter-species communication







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