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Hackworth is a nanotech engineer in the setting of the story. He is a complex character, driven by his ambitions and desires, and finds himself drawn into a world of clandestine undertakings. As the one who initially commissioned the Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer and inadvertently set the events of the story in motion, Hackworth is portrayed as both a central figure and a catalyst. His actions have profound implications for Nell, Miranda, and the broader society within the narrative.


[“A world of strangeness, beauty, and dread.”,”It’s easier to deal with the physical than with the metaphysical.”,”It’s not a book, it’s a way of life.”]


Hackworth is a middle-aged man with a disheveled appearance, often consumed by his work and experiments. He has unkempt brown hair streaked with grey, tired blue eyes, and a perpetually preoccupied expression.




Nanotechnology expertise, intelligence, ambition








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