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Gros-Jeanne is Ti-Jeanne’s grandmother and a pivotal figure in her life. She is a wise and powerful woman who guides Ti-Jeanne in uncovering and harnessing her spiritual abilities. As a healer and spiritual leader in their community, she plays a crucial role in shaping and supporting Ti-Jeanne on her journey.


[“We come from a place where the islands are the earth’s navel. Where our ancestors and the gods left their footsteps. We come from a place of water and fire.”,”The old people know about the ways of spirits. They say the spirits help to take care of the land, and in return we take care of them.”,”You’re a healer, Ti-Jeanne, just like me. You have the powers of the old people.”]


Gros-Jeanne has long silver hair, piercing green eyes, and a serene aura that commands respect. She carries herself with a quiet strength and wisdom.




Spiritual wisdom, healing


Wise mentor, healer





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