Eunice Akinya

Imagined AI depiction of Eunice Akinya from "Neptune’s Brood" by Charles Stross, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Mentor/Ally in the narrative.
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Eunice Akinya is a sophisticated and enigmatic AI character in ‘Neptune’s Brood.’ Eunice is highly intelligent and possesses a profound understanding of the universe and its intricate workings. She serves as a valuable ally to Krina, offering valuable insights and guidance throughout their futuristic journey.


[“The universe is full of mysteries, and I intend to unravel them all.”,”Knowledge is the most valuable currency in the cosmos.”,”I may be artificial, but my capacity for understanding surpasses many organic beings.”]


As an AI, Eunice exists as a digital consciousness without a physical form.


None (AI)


Vast knowledge of the universe, advanced problem-solving capabilities, and the ability to process and analyze complex data.




Artificial Intelligence




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