Imagined AI depiction of Eninket from "The Killing Moon" by N.K. Jemisin, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Corrupt Prince in the narrative.
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Eninket is a corrupt prince in the city-state of Gujaareh. He is manipulative, power-hungry, and willing to go to great lengths to achieve his ambitions. Eninket’s machinations draw Ehiru and Nijiri into a powerful conspiracy, forcing them to confront the depth of his betrayal. His complex and morally ambiguous nature contributes to the rich tapestry of characters and moral dilemmas in the story.


[“\”Power is the only truth in Gujaareh.\””,”\”I will shape the future of this city, regardless of the cost.\””,”\”Dreams are convenient tools for those who know how to wield them.\””]


Eninket has slick, black hair, calculating eyes, and a confident demeanor. He often dresses in opulent and regal attire, exuding an air of authority and ambition.




Manipulation, Political Intrigue


Corrupt Prince





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