Eira Voltaire

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Eira Voltaire is a skilled pilot with a daring spirit and a penchant for adventure. Her expertise in navigating the labyrinthine pathways of space has made her an indispensable member of the ‘Neptune’s Pride’ crew. Eira is known for her quick wit, unwavering loyalty, and the courage she displays in the face of perilous missions.


[“The stars are our playground, and I intend to explore every corner of it.”,”A true pilot is one who dances with the cosmos.”,”In the cockpit, I am free, soaring among the stars.”]


Lithe and agile, with wild crimson hair and mesmerizing violet eyes that seem to hold the essence of the cosmos. She adorns herself with celestial-themed jewelry, embodying the free spirit of an interstellar wanderer.




Exceptional piloting skills, quick reflexes, proficiency in cosmic navigation








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