Dr. Traven

Imagined AI depiction of Dr. Traven from "Glasshouse" by Charles Stross, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Mastermind Scientist in the narrative.
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Dr. Traven is a brilliant but enigmatic figure in ‘Glasshouse’. He is the mastermind behind the experiment and holds the knowledge that could change everything for the characters. His motives and true intentions remain shrouded in mystery as the story unfolds.


[“Sometimes the greatest discoveries come from the darkest of experiments.”,”Curiosity can be a dangerous thing, especially when it leads to the unknown.”,”I have the power to shape their reality, but they have the power to reshape mine.”]


Dr. Traven is a tall, imposing figure with piercing grey eyes and a distinguished air. He carries an aura of intelligence and intrigue.




Advanced knowledge of virtual reality, manipulation of the characters’ experiences


Mastermind Scientist





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