Dr. Gertrude Salley

Imagined AI depiction of Dr. Gertrude Salley from "Bones of the Earth" by Michael Swanwick, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Paleontologist, Scientist, Leader in the narrative.
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Dr. Gertrude Salley is a brilliant paleontologist and a key member of the time travel expedition. She is known for her expertise in Mesozoic era life forms and is passionate about studying dinosaurs. Dr. Salley is determined and resourceful, leading her team with a mix of scientific rigor and unwavering determination. She is a central figure in the rescue mission when one of her colleagues is stranded in the past, displaying courage and quick thinking in the face of danger.


[“\”The creatures we study, no matter how vast their size, are species confined to a chunk of time and space just like ourselves.\””,”\”To see these creatures alive, to be able to study them directly, is the goal of every paleontologist alive.\””,”\”We can’t let fear govern our actions. We’re scientists, and we’re doing important work.\””]


Dr. Salley has shoulder-length curly brown hair, framed by a pair of round spectacles. She is of average height with a slender build and often wears practical field attire suited for expeditions.




Expertise in paleontology, leadership skills, quick thinking


Paleontologist, Scientist, Leader






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