Dr. Elizabeth Reyes

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Dr. Elizabeth Reyes is a brilliant geneticist and researcher who is dedicated to improving the lives of the inhabitants of Silicon. She is known for her unwavering determination and passion for her work, often pushing the boundaries of ethical and scientific limits to achieve her goals. Dr. Reyes is respected for her intelligence, but her single-minded focus can also lead her to clash with others who have different priorities.


[“The potential for genetic enhancement is limitless, and I refuse to be constrained by outdated regulations.”,”I will not stop until I have unlocked the secrets of human potential and rewritten our genetic code.”,”Progress cannot wait for bureaucracy. I will do whatever it takes to advance the field of genetic engineering.”]


Dr. Reyes has long, dark hair with streaks of gray, piercing hazel eyes, and a commanding presence. She is of average height and often wears professional lab coats and suits.




Genetic engineering, research expertise


Brilliant yet controversial scientist






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