Dr. Aiden Wong

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Dr. Aiden Wong is the chief medical officer on the UTS Titan, dedicated to preserving life and maintaining the well-being of the crew amidst the chaos and turmoil of political tensions. Wong is a compassionate and skilled physician who often finds himself facing the ethical challenges of prioritizing care amidst the ever-present threat of interstellar war. His unwavering commitment to his duty and the Hippocratic Oath drives him to navigate the delicate balance between treating the wounded and preventing further conflict.


[“\”Every life is precious, and I will do everything in my power to save them.\””,”\”In the midst of conflict, healing becomes our most powerful weapon.\””,”\”I am bound by oath and duty to serve, even in the darkest of times.\””]


Tall and lean, with jet-black hair and warm, brown eyes that reflect his compassion and determination.




Medical expertise, compassion


Chief Medical Officer






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