Ditto 213

Imagined AI depiction of Ditto 213 from "Kiln People (alt: Kil’n People)" by David Brin, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Ally in the narrative.
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Ditto 213 is one of the clay copies created by Albert Morris to assist him in the investigation. Despite existing for only a day, Ditto 213 possesses a distinct personality and unwavering loyalty to Morris. With a keen sense of observation and adaptability, Ditto 213 proves to be an invaluable ally to Morris as they navigate through the city and face perilous situations together.


[“I may be temporary, but my choices and actions are as real as anyone else’s.”,”In my short lifespan, I aim to make a lasting impact.”,”True existence is not defined by longevity, but by the impact one leaves behind.”]


Resembles a younger version of Albert Morris, with tidy brown hair, friendly hazel eyes, and a determined expression.




Quick learner, adaptable, and able to mimic Albert Morris’s mannerisms and behaviors effectively.




Ditto (Clay Copy)




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