Bren Cameron

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Bren Cameron is the protagonist of the novel *Foreigner* by C. J. Cherryh. He is a skilled translator and diplomat who has been chosen as the sole human representative living among the atevi, an alien species on the world of Reunion. Bren faces the challenging task of bridging the vast cultural and psychological gap between humans and atevi while trying to maintain peace and stability in their delicate alliance. As political turmoil and betrayals threaten their relationship, Bren finds himself navigating a complex web of loyalty, deception, and inter-species intrigue, all of which could have significant consequences for both atevi and humans.


[““I am paid to understand human intent. To predict it.””,”“The brilliance of the current was higher, firmer, more insistent than any halls at home, with any tapestry, than any light, any office, anything.””,”“You know and understand us and can’t understand why we can’t understand you. But everything you understand is yourself and you are so good at misunderstanding yourself that in that letter, you misunderstood you.””]


Bren Cameron has dark hair, dark eyes, and a height of around 6 feet. He has a serious and thoughtful expression, often carrying the weight of his diplomatic responsibilities.




Exceptional translator and diplomat


Protagonist, Diplomat





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